Book Review: Precious Memories

Memory Wall is a collection of stories by Anthony Doerr. It was first published in 2010. Various characters try to find ways to preserve memories.

I would often go through each story in an anthology if there is under half a dozen, but there are too many for me to be interested in attempting that. Also, I had a very hard time staying interested in any of the stories. That is more likely due to this not being my genre of preference. I can appreciate that Doerr likely has his fans. He has won some literary awards, so he likely has some talent. He also does not appear to have much trouble getting published.

Anyway, this attempt to expand my literary horizons was a bit of a bust, however I will continue the endeavor. I will suggest that Doerr likely will appeal to someone who appreciates a more sentimental and thoughtful type of tale, and he has solid credentials, so I will not discourage anyone from checking him out. My reservations have more to do with my own tastes than with any lack of ability on his part.

So I step back into more familiar territory a Doctor Who novel entitled All Flesh is Grass by Una McCormack, which is part of the Time Lord Victorious series.

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