Book Review: A Cold Case Gets Another Look

Serpentine is the latest novel from Jonathan Kellerman to feature his best known protagonist, Dr. Alex Delaware. Detective Milo Sturgis will sometimes call in his best friend, Dr. Delaware to consult on his more unusual cases. of course, it looks like Sturgis is always needing Delaware’s guidance since that is the series focus. As readers, we are assured that Sturgis really does solve cases on his own. Anyway, I digress.

Sturgis is tasked with looking into a murder that occurred over thirty-five years over due to a wealthy socialite wanting some answers surrounding her mother’s demise. Milo isn’t that hopeful of a solution, however he notices some irregularities in the previous investigations. Milo and Delaware are somewhat surprised that they are starting to make some headway on piecing together what may have happened over three decades ago. They also find that someone is also very active in trying to misdirect them.

Kellerman has written too many books in this series to be that surprising, but he is still reliably diverting. The gimmick of a cold case being introduced is used well here. Sturgis and Delaware run into the usual sort of suspects that tend crop up the other books. It was fun to revisit these characters, however there is not much to make this particular addition to the series to stand out.

Time to take a break from crime fiction and indulge in an anthology written by Anthony Doerr. Memory Wall is the next one to pass under the reading lamp.

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