Film Review: Lindy Needs Her Shocks

Movie Review – Jolt (2021)

Jolt is an action film with a bit science fiction and dark comedy thrown in. It is directed by Tanya Wexler from a screenplay written by Scott Wascha. Kate Beckinsale stars in this one alongside Jai Courtney, Bobby Cannavale, Laverne Cox, Stanley Tucci, and David Bradley.

Beckinsale plays a woman named Lindy Lewis who has intermittent explosive disorder and relies on a vest that delivers electric shocks to her system that apparently keeps the rage in check. At the behest of her psychiatrist, she goes out on a date with an accountant who gives her some hope that she can have something like a fulfilling relationship. The accountant is then murdered, and Lindy has someone or something which focuses her rage. She also happens to be a skilled martial artist and can take down multiple burly opponents in seconds, so that skill come in handy.

I have seen many movies over my almost half a century of life, and they have not all been masterpieces. It is hard to remember all of the bad ones, but this one may possibly be the worst. I probably have seen worse films than this one, however there is not much that goes well. Some of the fight scenes were kind of entertaining. It is rather surprising that this one turned out that bad considering there is actually some formidable talent in the cast. Beckinsale does make a engaging enough action lead, but the writing does not do her many favors. The soundtrack was just ghastly. The initial idea may have had a some potential, but I only made it through this thing by force of will.

I usually like films of this genre, but this one just failed to make me care all that much about Lindy’s efforts to find the bad guys. The participation of more prestigious actors like David Bradley and Stanley Tucci was wasted. Maybe they helped to make this travesty somewhat watchable, however this ended up being more disappointing than even I could anticipate.

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