Book Review: The Great Healer Has A Trap For The Doctor

Doctor Who- Revelation of the Daleks is a novelization by Eric Saward of the television story that was first broadcast in 1985. Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant were in the lead roles of the Doctor and Peri all the back then. Finally the old Target novelizations have been revived, and this particular adventure finally got the treatment.

The Doctor and Peri arrive on a planet called Necros where the Doctor is to attend a memorial service for an old friend. Instead, he finds an old enemy calling himself the Great Healer. He meets assassins, embalmers, and supposed body snatchers within the walls of Tranquil Repose. Of course, the Daleks are lurking within catacombs itching for some extermination while Davros watches from the darkest of caverns.

I believe Saward also wrote the original script, but he adds a couple of new characters and scenes which breathes some new life.. The book did not take long to read since these are so simply written. It was fun to revisit this story in a new format. Saward does not really break new ground here, but the writing is competent and enjoyable enough. The Sixth Doctor comes off a good deal more likeable and clever than what the audiences got onscreen. Not everything in the story works all that well, but this was a troubled era of the television series. Anyway, the novel was a worthy indulgence for a fan such as myself.

Time to return to the mysterious and enchanting city of Venice which can still be plagued by obsession and violence. Commissario Guido Brunetti is back on the case where he faces the darker consequences of Falling In Love by Donna Leon.

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