Doctor Who Audio Review: The Doctor Has Some Extra Bills

Emancipation of the Daleks is a Doctor Who audio novel presented by Big Finish Productions. Jonathan Morris is the writer with Dan Starkey serving as the reader. Nicholas Briggs pitches in yet again to voice the Daleks. It features the Twelfth Doctor, who had been played by Peter Capaldi on the television series. Bill Potts is the companions in this story. Pearl Mackie had played that role on television.

Bill Potts is relaxing at home when an unexpected visit occurs. She meets a future version of herself, so she reaches out to her new friend, the Doctor. A Dalek saucer traveling through time has crashed on Earth, and history is altered. The Doctor finds that humanity has enslaved the Daleks instead of the other way occurring as it usually does. Bill Potts has to contend with a new future and an alternative past as well. Although the Daleks have exhibited murderous ruthlessness, the Doctor finds that human beings are not in short supply of those traits as well. He still has Earth’s history to restore and a friend’s future to ensure.

This was a very intriguing story. Morris has been a frequent contributor to Doctor Who lore. He is a competent writer and usually has some creative and interesting story ideas. This turned out to be one of his better ones. No need to worry if the Daleks may seem a little soft at first. They become their more familiar murderous selves as well. Dan Starkey has performed solidly for Big Finish before and continues to display impressive vocal range. He is able to replicate Capaldi’s voice quite well.

The story delves a bit into Bill’s potential history. There are three distinct parts in this story, and Morris brings threads together quite well by the time it comes to an end.

This is a solid addition to the Big Finish Doctor Who library. It is both well plotted and well performed.

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