Book Review: Ali Reynolds Gets Too Close To The Edge

Edge of Evil is a mystery novel by J.A. Jance that was first published in 2006 introduces her readers to Ali Reynolds, who has become another popular series lead character for the prolific author.

Ali Reynolds starts off her adventure here with getting fired from her job as a television news broadcaster. She learns that her second husband has been embroiled in a couple of affairs. She learns of her best friend being terminally ill and then apparently killed in a car accident. She and her son from a previous marriage take off to Arizona to see where she can be of some help. The best friend may have committed suicide; however, Ali has her doubts about that. Her son has set up a blogging account for her to reach out to those who may be in need of a friendly ear. As Ali adjusts to these major changes in her life, she finds that there are new dangers she has never considered before.

I am more familiar with Jance’s other characters, J.P. Beaumont and Sheriff Joanna Brady; however, I think I can find some enjoyment in the Ali Reynolds tales. The mystery itself was not that original, however Ali’s situation and how she overcomes some of these personal challenges is rather inspiring. In spite of the tragedies depicted in this novel, there is some humor. Ali has a spunky likability which I can appreciate. I also appreciated that she seems to have an overall respectful and loving relationship with her adult son. It’s too bad that Jance chose to create a difficult marriage for Ali, but I am sure that particular challenge will unfold in the following novels.

This isn’t really a game changer for the mystery genre, but Jance doesn’t aim for that. It’s still worth the time to explore this initial entry into now well-established series. I have enjoyed many of Jance’s works over the years, and this particular novel did not disappoint. I am glad to welcome Ali Reynolds novels to my overcrowded bookshelves.

Several years ago, Vince Flynn was taken way too soon by cancer, but his character Mitch Rapp was allowed to continue his efforts to save our country from ongoing terrorist machinations. Kyle Mills continues the missions of Mitch Rapp with Enemy at the Gates.

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