Book Review: A Mole In The Midst

Enemy at the Gates is another addition to the Mitch Rapp series by Kyle Mills. Rapp was initially created by the late Vince Flynn, but his estate has allowed the series continue.

A new president has taken up residence in the White House, however Mitch Rapp does not enjoy the confidence of this one as he did with the predecessor. Rapp has been staying in Africa with his girlfriend and her daughter lately. He is more of a free agent than ever before; however, he is still willing to do a favor for CIA Director Irene Kennedy. Kennedy has become aware of an information leak coming from one of the highest offices of Washington DC. Rapp is then tasked with searching for a virologist lost in the jungles of Uganda after an attack from another fanatical terrorist with a cult following. Rapp also has to protect the nation’s first trillionaire from a growing number of threats. Rapp has his usual cadre of dangerous friends come to his aid. He also comes to face to face with a shocking betrayal.

Mills is obviously taking his cues from current events and figures; however, he does add his own variations, so it doesn’t appear that he is doing little work when it comes to creativity. The character Nick Ward is obviously a representation of Elon Musk, yet Mills avoids making him a carbon copy. The other aspect I enjoyed is that Rapp’s completion of an initial mission is by no means the end of a story. Mills also seems to be taking a break from sending Rapp after ISIS leaders for the moment. Rapp changes very little as a character, but it does help him seem a little fresher with a broader variety of adversaries.

As I reflect on this particular novel, I find that I consider it to be one of the better additions to the series. Of course, no one does better than the master, Vince Flynn, but I think he would be pleased with what Mills has done with his character in the recent years. Mills remains faithful to Flynn’s vision while still presenting new challenges for Mitch Rapp.

Next up, I will be reading a new author to me. Nnedi Okorafor takes her readers to Nigeria to introduce us to the Akata Witch.

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