Doctor Who Audio Review: The Doctor Gets Timejacked

Timejacked is a Doctor Who audio boxset presented by Big Finish Productions. It has a trilogy interconnected stories that feature the Twelfth Doctor, who was first played by Peter Capaldi. Helen Goldwyn takes her turn in the director’s seat. Since Capaldi himself has yet to participate in Big Finish output, Jacob Dudman steps in with a pretty solid impersonation. Bhavnisha Parmar joins as the Doctor’s kidnapper turned companion Keira Sanstrom. Charlie Hamblett, Hannah Genesius, Harley Viveash, George Naylor, and Holly Jackson Walters make up the guest cast.

The first episode, Flight to Calandra, is written by Matt Fitton. The Doctor is relaxing in his university office since he has been hanging out as a visiting professor for the past hundred years or so when an unexpected visitor breaks in, needing a lift home to the planet Calandra. Keira Sanstrom finds that something has gone wrong with her planet’s history while the Doctor realizes that something has gone wrong with all of Time.

Lou Morgan needs two episodes to have the Doctor to sort this mess out, which is how she gets to present the Split Second and The Weight of History. The Doctor has two versions of Keira and a reality coming apart to complicate his existence.

Well, as much as I would prefer to have Peter Capaldi play this Doctor himself, Dudman does a decent enough job representing his version of the Doctor. It’s not a bad set. I actually rather liked the dynamic between the Doctor and Keira once they got past through the whole kidnapping issue. The dialogue between the two was rather humorous. Of course, this iteration of the Doctor wouldn’t be the most subservient and cooperative of kidnapping victims. That works out since Keira isn’t actually evil. She is a renegade Time Agent and needs the Time Lord’s help.

As usual, the postproduction work holds up. The guest cast is solid in their performance. Until Capaldi decides to contribute to Big Finish’s efforts, Dudman’s vocal talents have to suffice, and he does a good job.

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