Doctor Who Audio Review: The Weeping Angels Take On Two Doctors

Out of Time 3: Wink is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Production written by Lisa McMullin and directed by Ken Bentley. David Tennant returns as the Tenth Doctor and is joined by Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor. The small guest cast is comprised of Joanna Van Kampen, Ayesha Antione, and Clive Hayward. There are plenty of cool sound effects to make up for the limited number of voices.

The Tenth Doctor encounters his sixth incarnation while in a city that is drowned in all-encompassing light. The locals have no sense of sight which makes them particularly vulnerable to the Weeping Angels. The Weeping Angels look like statues that are frozen in place when gazed up on. They displace their targets in time once they are close enough. Of course, the way to keep the Angels in place is to not blink or look away. The Sixth Doctor believes that winking at the Angels is a viable solution, but that still proves to be not as easy as he believes.

McMullin delivers a pretty competent script here. The performances are pretty sublime though. The Sixth Doctor is often considered to be more abrasive version, however these two Doctors work well together. There are plenty of the expected digs whenever one Doctor comes across another, but the disagreements end up not being too distracting. The Sixth Doctor gets in a very amusing line about his future incarnation’s more excitable exclamations.

The Sixth Doctor also benefits because his own cleverness his not overshadowed by the Tenth.

There is a bit of a fresh environment for the Weeping Angels to terrorize.

This episode comes out quite well, which is probably due to the performances of the lead actors. The guest cast is also well selected. The Angels tend to work better on the television screen, but the script is well written enough to make them still effectively creepy. McMullin also avoids having the two Doctors go all out with the insults but manages to still have a little fun with the contentiousness that tends to occur when various Doctors meet.

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