Film Review: A New Killer Doll To Kick Off The New Year

M3gan is a science fiction horror film directed by Gerard Johnstone. Akela Cooper is the screenwriter and shares story credit with James Wan. The film is the latest offering from Blumhouse Productions. Allison Williams, Violet McCraw, Amie McDonald, Jenna Davis, and Ronny Chieng are included in the cast.

Allison Williams plays a roboticist who works for a high dollar toy company. Her niece is orphaned after her parents are killed in a car accident and is sent to live with her. Gemma is working on the creation of an advanced artificial intelligence doll named M3GAN. The doll is completed and imprinted on Gemma’s niece to be her companion and protector. The problem is that M3GAN gets to be rather over-protective as her intelligence and sense of independence increases to an alarming degree.’

The visual effects are quite engaging. The creation of what turns out to be a rather psychotic toy is realized quite convincingly. The performances are not too bad; however, the film does drag a bit at times. I know that seems a strange occurrence for a film of this genre. The film turns out to be reasonably entertaining, but nothing resembling a cinematic home run.

The story is pretty far-fetched out of the gate, but it does starts to teeter on the edge of total absurdity at times. It is also somewhat predictable. The film manages to not turn into a complete waste of time, but it’s another one that falls short of making a lasting impression.

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