Book Review: Reacher Gets Technical

The Sentinel is a novel featuring Jack Reacher, the retired major who meanders around the country not looking for trouble however finding it, nevertheless. Author Lee Child is joined by his brother Andrew in the writing of this installment. Andrew Child is going to be taking over the continuation of this series in the near future.

Jack Reacher rescues a man named Rusty Rutherford from a planned ambush. Rutherford is an IT manager who was recently fired after his town fell victim to a cyberattack. Reacher finds that the plot goes deeper than expected and finds that more dangerous killers are converging on the hapless Rutherford. With a couple of allies of his own, Reacher shows the bad guys that he can be bring his own brand of trouble on their heads.

There is not much that makes this particular novel stand out. It is kind of amusing to find Reacher having to understand the modern technological advances of today. He can be a bit of a Luddite. Rutherford ends up being kind of an interesting foil for Reacher at times. There is not much here that I found all that gripping unfortunately. I would hate to think that this series has fallen into a bit of a rut, however I am sure the more hardcore fans will find something to enjoy. I got some enjoyment out of this but not much.

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