Get In Shape And Know The Rules To Survive Zombieland

Poster for Zombieland with subtitle "Nut up or shut up" and movie credits: The four actors appear as a group all holding different weapons.

“Zombieland” is a film released in 2009 which has a long list of adjectives on how to describe the genre  I guess I will just say it’s a horror comedy…sort of.  Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are the sometimes clever writers of the script which was brought to life by director Ruben Fleischer.  Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin,star in this occasionally amusing tale.

It starts off with the premise of the zombie apocalypse descending on the world leaving only a handful of survivors who find each other and have to get over some trust issues. They seem to prefer identifying themselves as their city of origin or something.  Harrelson plays the cynical, hardened loner known as Tallahassee who finds Eisenberg on the road and takes him under his wing somewhat reluctantly.  They they meet two clever sisters who knew a few tricks before the catastrophe.  It’s a road trip movie basically with lots of zombies thrown in.

Eisenberg’s character is the hapless naive narrator and does fine.  The kid known as Columbus has a lengthy set of rules to help him survive the trip from Texas to Ohio but finds his devotion to these rules tested when he unites with a few survivors.

The movie was fairly entertaining, and I only saw it because the trailer for the sequel which was released this week piqued my interest.  I didn’t really dislike this film, but I was hoping for a bit more wit.  Maybe this is one of those times where the sequel will have something a little more to offer.

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