Rapp Goes In The Red

Red War

“Red War” is the continuation of the Mitch Rapp series started by the late Vince Flynn.  Kyle Mills has been the one keeping the character in the bloody fight to protect the United States against the most determined of threats.  Rapp has usually targeted the extremist Islamic terrorists through most of the previous novels, however in this one the Russians are in his cross hairs.

The Russian president has discovered that he has brain cancer and may not have long to live.  While he is searching for a miracle in the most selfish of ways, he also wants to make an impact on the world before his departure.  Nothing would make him more memorable than a successful bloody campaign against he West.

Mitch Rapp has an uneasy alliance with former Russian assassin who nearly killed his best friend in order to put a stop to this foolishness.

It does not strike me as the most plausible of plots, however it was still intriguing to see Rapp face a threat other than the insanity that comes out of the Middle East.  He has a rather complicated domestic situation now that he is living with the woman who was once with the French assassin who killed his wife a while ago.  Once again, the sense of reality is a bit stretched, but I like the series enough to go with it,  I guess it would seem a little too odd if Rapp had normal relationships with people who who have no understanding of his almost fanatical dedication to protecting his country,  It isn’t that he has no boundaries or sense of decency, however it gets a little blurry sometimes.  Of course, that is part of what keeps me interested in the character.  I wish Flynn was able to continue the series himself obviously, but Mills is good enough to keep me looking forward to whatever may be in store for Rapp next.

The next literary journey will be aboard the Starship Enterprise in a new adventure with the crew that started it all.  Captain James Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise have a mission to complete in a dangerous sector known as “The Antares Maelstrom”

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