Reviews, Musings On Hiatus, But Not For That Long

Although I am well aware I don’t have anything near a vast readership. I am going to take a moment to pretend otherwise.  I am going to announce a bit of a break from this blog.  Not for reasons of poor health, although I do need to do take better car of myself.  I am not going to to rehab or anything like that.  The reason for this break is actually a pretty fulfilling one.  I am participating in a mission trip to Ireland through my church in Amarillo, Texas. It is a ministry I have tried to show consistent support.  There is a ministry in Dublin called Dublin Family Outreach, and their ambassador or contact is someone whose work with the families there I greatly respect.  The center has a property known as Drewstown where next weekend is going to be site of a women’s conference where they will be told about Jesus and maybe learn was where their relationship with Him can enrich their lives.  Now, on this trip is a group of men who will be doing some work projects around the property as well, so I will be doing appropriately manly activities such as assisting in room renovations or something.

Now I could take my laptop with me and probably find time to add to this blog, but the wifi can be a little spotty out there, and my level of patience is not quite reflective of my relationship with God at times.  Hey, nothing wrong with a little confession.  It would be easier to spare my fellow team members and the Irish the more darker aspects of my psyche of I just avoid trying to post new content during this mission.  God would also not appreciate my lack of patience trying to continue this effort through my cell phone.  The thought of attempting that makes me cringe.

I also had made myself to a vow to beef up the “musings and other things” aspects of this blog.  Although I enjoy expressing my views on movies, Doctor Who, and books that I reading, I am aware that I should be stretching myself more with my own writing efforts.  This has so far been an intriguing exercise, but I find myself playing it safe at times.

Anyway, if any other Christians happen to stumble across, please pray for out safety and well-being.  Pray for the people of Ireland.  It is as gorgeous as people say, but it’s a complicated society with a lot of needs, just like every other nation on this planet.  The Irish have had many struggles in their long, rich history and need that light only a relationship with Jesus Christ can bring.  Also, pray for me as I sometimes struggle in my own relationships with Jesus and with others.  This is a great group of people I will be joining for this trip, and I look forward to maybe forging new friendships with those on the Emerald Isle.  This is my third time to see Ireland, but I have yet to grow weary of it.

For the few that manage to take the time to peruse the reviews and musings, I thank you, and normal service will be resumed next week.


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