Animated Film Review: Doomsday Comes To Metropolis

Superman vs Doomsday [Part 1] | The Death of Superman - YouTube

The Death of Superman is an animated superhero film released in 2018 and was written by Peter J. Tomasi. Sam Liu and James Tucker share the director duties on this one. This film was based on a story done by DC Comics several years ago. Jerry O’Connell voices the Man of Steel in this one. Renecca Romijn, Rainn Wilson, Nathan Fillion, and Jason O’Mara are also included in the voice cast.

Clark Kent is in love with Lois Lane and has yet to tell her about his extracurricular activities wearing a cape and blue tights. As they navigate their romantic situation, a deadly alien intruder has landed on Earth. The creature would come to be known as Doomsday, and Superman will face the bloodiest contest he has encountered.

I knew of the story and remember reading some of the comic book version many moons ago. The animation is pretty good as far as I can tell. It isn’t like I am an expert in this sort of thing. There was quite a surprising amount of blood and death throughout this thing. The cast appeared to be well chosen. I am not normally a viewer of animated movies of this sort, but I have been trying something different lately. Superman also is not a favorite superhero for me, but it still ended up being an interesting diversion. I almost found the climactic scene of Superman’s death to be almost touching. I probably would have have been more touched if Superman still wasn’t around. I trust I am not giving too many spoilers away.

Not a whole lot of analysis is needed here, but it was a pretty well done film overall. For those who really get into this type of entertainment and really know the mythos of Superman and Doomsday, I am sure there are many more observations and discussions to be had. Ultimately I liked it well enough to see the follow up film.

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