Doctor Who Audio Review: The Doctor Needs A Big Can Of Bug Spray On This One

Doctor Who: Day of the Cockroach

Day of the Cockroach is a Doctor Who audiobook released by the BBC. Steve Lyons is the writer with Arthur Darville presenting the text.

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory emerge from the TARDIS into a tunnel where they soon find a dead body. They quickly learn that they are in a British nuclear bunker where some soldiers are sheltering from an atomic war. They then learn that it is 1982, which causes some confusion since there was no atomic war in that year. Why is there cockroaches and bug spray mentioned in this title and blog. Well, that’s because there are giant cockroaches lurking the shadows to further complicate matters.

Steve Lyons is usually an interesting contributor to Doctor Who, however this was not his best efforts. The story was not really bad, and Darville is engaging enough as a narrator. If this was a television episode, it would be in the era where Matt Smith was in the lead. Darville does well enough capturing the essence of his performance. The story was competently written, but there was not much more than that.

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