Book Review: King Arthur, Merlin, and Hank Morgan

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court is the time travel, satirical novel by Mark Twain that was first released in 1889. Hank Morgan is a 19th century factory worker who wakes up in the 6th century Camelot after a nasty blow to the head. Morgan decides to update his new surroundings with some of conveniences of his home century. He ends up in a battle of wits and spells with Merlin. He and King Arthur take a trip among the populace. Morgan finds that an improvement in material goods does not translate to improved cultural morality.

Every now and then, I try something that is considered classical, but I just don’t have a 19th century mind. I got the gist of what was happening, but I had trouble picking up the jokes that is supposed to be littered throughout this thing. It also seems to be one of Twain’s longer works. Anyway, it was a tough read at times, but it was worth the effort I think. I may try this again at some point. Anyway, it may not be one of my favorite reading experiences, but I am resistant to the notion of turning others away from an American classic.

Well, there isn’t much more I can express about this particular literary indulgence, but I am moving on to Seanan McGuire’s Every Heart A Doorway.

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