Book Review: Spenser Goes To The Club

Someone To Watch Over Me is a recent addition to the Spenser series created by Robert B. Parker. Ace Atkins has been continuing the series for the past ten years.

Let’s see if you can figure out where Atkins got this story idea. Spenser has taken on a protégé in this one. He had helped Mattie Sullivan find her mother’s killer several years ago, and she has now been working at the Boston PI’s office to pick up some lessons in sleuthing. She has come to Spenser with a problem of her own. An underage girl was sexually assaulted at an elite club. Actually, some overly aroused man decided to relieve his tension in front of her. The girl had left her backpack behind. Spenser decides to look a bit further into this issue. He and Mattie find that there is a connection to an eccentric billionaire with a very disturbing proclivity in sexual partners. The rich weirdo even has his own island and a henchwoman who helps recruit the young girls. Just when Spenser is starting to understand the challenges of his latest caper, he learns that a very dangerous adversary from his past is lurking in the shadows.

Yeah, Atkins borrowed some elements from the Jeffery Epstein debacle. I could get a little annoyed at the lack of originality, but it does sort of stoke the imagination over how someone has tough and sardonic would respond to someone like this. Hawk is drawn into this as well, and he is not too keen on this pervert’s proclivities either. Part of Spenser’s appeal is his sharp wit and his apparent indomitability.

Mattie Sullivan is kind of fun to see again. She is able to hold her own when it comes to witticisms which she readily slings at Spenser. Fortunately, Spenser’s ego is quite durable.

Even though it is obvious what inspired Atkins to this particular plotline, it ended up being a solid entry into the series. Spenser has yet to close his casebook, so his next adventure is around the corner.

It has been a while since I have read a new Doctor Who novel, but Steve Cole has one ready for me to read….The Knight, The Fool and the Dead, from the Time Lord Victorious saga.

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