Book Review: An Attack At The Opera

Falling in Love (Commissario Brunetti Book 24) by [Donna Leon]

Falling In Love is a mystery novel by Donna Leon and features Venetian police detective Guido Brunetti. It was first published in 2015.

Leon brings back a familiar figure from the first novel Death at La Fenice in the shape of opera singer Flavia Perrelli. Flavia has come to Venice to perform and has a stalker on her trail. The problem takes a more dangerous turn when another singer is shoved down a flight of stairs, and a mutual friend is stabbed.

I have a read a few other books in this series, and this character is not one I am really drawn to all that often. This particular novel did not really help me to want to hurry back either. I found this to be a rather slow. I don’t mind Leon sharing her view of Venice. Brunetti just does not have much to make him stand out. I guess what is a little different is that he has a stable home life with a loving family. There is not much that is quirky and unique other than that. I guess in some ways, I do sort of appreciate a protagonist who is not flirting with the edge of sanity, but he is also a little boring. I was also not all that interested in the story since there was actually no murder. Just a weirdo leaving creepy gifts and assaulting a couple of people.

Leon is not without talent. She does well with bringing the sights and sounds of Venice alive in her prose. It’s just this one did not keep me on the edge of my seat. I may be curious enough to try another installment in the series, but that is not likely be anytime soon.

Well, as I continue to breathe, I continue to read. The next literary diversion on deck is Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

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